Projects according to the customer's specification or idea
3D models and presentation renderings
Construction drawings and 2D drawings
Optimization of the construction and technology of the implementation of the existing project



Professional non-destructive testing
PT2, VT2 welded structures.

Metrological research
Prototype testing
Tests of mechanical properties
Material tests
Metal research

Special processes

Special processes

Heat sealing

About us

We are a professional and innovative company specializing in the electric battery housing with all cooling system equipments for public transport (buses, trams and electric trains). We provide services in the field of comprehensive solutions for the transport industry, whose main activity is services in the field of specialized welding of industrial constructions for transport and the design of products from widely understood mechanics. We have all the necessary welding certificates for the transport and railway industry: PN EN - 3834-2, PN EN ISO - 15085 CL1, PN EN - 9010 AL EC3.
Our mission

Our projects


Transport pallet

We specialize in creating specialized solutions for transport. We present an innovative, patented transport pallet.

Capacity: do 2.5 tone
Dimensions: 1500/2000/2400 x 1200 x 2185
Load space: 1500/2000/2400 x 964 x 2000
Special welding equipment

Special welding equipment

Special welding equipment simple, quick assembly of welded parts, improved current conduction through copper plating of equipment.
Specialized injection mold

Specialized injection mold

Specialist injection molding of the detail with internal thread.
Tooling for automatic sheet wrapping

Tooling for automatic sheet wrapping

Tooling for automatic plate wrapping advantages: increased production capacity, operation 1 operator 3-4 machines.
Tooling for plastic sheet forming

Tooling for plastic sheet forming

Tooling for plastic sheet forming.


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