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Transport pallet

We specialize in creating specialized solutions for transport. We present an innovative, patented transport pallet.

The most important features of the presented solution:

  • the possibility of stacking and stacking transport pallets
  • the possibility of reducing the costs of return transport by 50%
  • a pro-ecological product, replaces disposable wooden pallets, reduces the number of return transport vehicles.
  • Tapping time under 30s (1 person)
  • storage capacity up to 2.5 tonnes
  • tool-free pallet folding and unfolding system
  • guarantee for articulated elements and fastenings 2 years
  • stacking the stands - 6 pieces for one transport location
If there is such a need, we can adapt the transport pallet to individual customer needs.

Capacity: do 2.5 tone
Dimensions: 1500/2000/2400 x 1200 x 2185
Load space: 1500/2000/2400 x 964 x 2000
Warranty for joints and clamps: 2 years
Own weight:
1500 - 200 kg
2000 - 220 kg
2400 - 240 kg


Specialized services

  • design services and rapid prototyping
  • CNC machining:
    • turning details from φ6 to φ50 from the rod
    • milling
  • grinding flat
  • comprehensive implementation of welded structures made of stainless and constructional steel (max. dimensions of welded constructions 3m | overall size 3 / 1.5m)
  • plastic sheet metal working on an edge press (max 60ton)

Conducted research

  • Metrological research

  • Prototype testing

  • Tests of mechanical properties

  • Material tests

  • Non-destructive testing PT 2, VT 2

  • Metal research

Cyclic corrosion chamber
Testing in accordance with ISO 9227, DIN 50021, ASTM G85 and others.
Endurance machine
Carrying out tests from 10N to 100 kN load.
Coordinate machine
Characteristics: Accuracy: 2.1 + 4L / 100μm
Measuring range: X-640 mm, Y-1500 mm, Z-500 mm
Non-contact measurements.
Universal hardness tester
Hardness measurements in accordance with EN / IS, ASTM, JIS standards,
Range of loads: from 1 kg to 250 kg
3D printer
3D printing technology allows you to obtain details with high surface accuracy, precision and complex geometry.
Injection simulation software ZnAl
A tool for simulating the work of a mold with well-different process parameters.
Magnetic defectoscopy
The test allows detection of surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferritic materials.
Penetration testing
This method is used to detect open surface discontinuities in metal materials and elements as well as in welded joints.
VT 2, PT 2